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Embrace a cleaner, fresher home where natural ingredients meet powerful cleaning technology to effortlessly tackle even the toughest pet messes.


Offering peace of mind with safe, chemical-free formulas.


No Perfumes or
Strong Fragrances

Safe for People, Pets

& The Environment

Cleaning Power of
Professional-Grade Products

Finally a product I can use in my home. I am very sensitive to perfume and chemical smells. PURE is wonderful. It is all natural and has a very mild yet pleasant smell and it doesn’t linger for days. Worked great on my pets urine and poop odors. 

Latosha B

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How It Works

Prepare the solution.

Apply the solution to stained area and wait for 15-20 minutes.

Wipe with a clean cloth or use a carpet cleaning machine.

For heavily soiled areas, use a shop vac or a carpet cleaning machine.

Repeat the process until there is no more stain/odor.