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How does PURE work at removing pet urine odor?

Odor is caused when bacteria decomposes the uric acid in the urine.  This decomposition creates foul smelling ammonia.  Pure is an all natural product that attaches the odor at its source be destroying the bacteria that causes the odor.  

If the product does not work for me can I get a refund?

Yes, if for any reason you feel that the product did not help remove the stains and odor to your satisfaction you can request a No Hassle, No Questions ask refund by simply sending the product back within 30 days

Does PURE work for all different kinds of animal urine?

Yes. Urine is "mostly" the same for any animal.  So Pure will work with any urine situation. However, some animals urine can be more concentrated than others (Cats are the most concentrated because the drink less water than dogs), so in some instances two or more applications may need to be applied

Is PURE an All Natural product?

Yes, Pure is made of all natural products and is safe for people, pets and the environment

Will PURE completely remove all the urine in my carpet?

We are very honest with people about urine removal and tell people that 100% removal is most likely only accomplished by replacing the carpet.  However, most of our customers feel that the results they get are excellent. 

Can I use this product with in my carpet cleaning machine?

The product can be used in most machines, but we do not recommend applying it that way.  The best results come when you apply it directly to the carpet.  After letting it sit, you can use your carpet cleaning machine to rinse and flush it out if you like.