Hello, My name is Devron Larson CEO of CarpetSmart.  It is important to know that  CarpetSmart in not just another company that is trying to sell another pet urine product.  It was created and started by myself and my 3 partners.  Combined we have over 60 years of experience in the carpet cleaning business. 
Pet Urine has always been a problem for carpet cleaners and home owners alike.  Pet urine is by far the most difficult issue we face on a daily basis in our cleaning business.  Like almost all other carpet cleaners we had a basic process to help combat this problem.  We would go to the home, spray some stuff on the urine spots and then do a regular cleaning.  We then hoped for the best and it seemed to work "Okay".  However, during the Pandemic the pet population literally exploded in America, resulting in millions and millions of homes having mild to severe pet urine issues.  Very soon about 70% of the homes we were going to had pet urine issues, and the old process just wasn't good enough.  Customers were calling us back over and over again saying that their carpets still smelled bad.  We quickly realized that we had to do more than just the standard process that everyone was doing.  So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.  We started testing dozens of different products, tools, processes and techniques.  We meet with some of the top carpet cleaning chemists and formulators in the country.  We read and watched hours and hours of articles and training videos, we talked to other companies who would share their best practices with us.  We even found people who were replacing carpet due to severe pet urine issues and brought hundreds of square feet of it back to our offices (our staff hated it, lol).  We tested, treated and cleaned those carpets until we were convinced that we had the best product and process available.  We then paid tens of thousands of dollars to get the product produced and agreements to resell it.  As you can see we have gone all out to become the pet urine experts, and NOW we are making our products and secrets available to the public, by offering the exact same products and tools that we use every day in our cleaning business.  Because we know that if our customers can get to the urine quickly, with the right product, they can save themselves a lot of time, headache and money.
By using the PURE pet urine removal kits we know that you will get great results without having to pay hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars to professional carpet cleaners (like us, haha) to have fresh, clean odor free carpets.